Janak Vadgama






Janak is British Psychologist who has lived in Vietnam since 2007. He works mostly with individual adults and older teenagers across a spectrum of issues such as depression, anxiety, emotional trauma, and cultural adjustment issues, as well as with those struggling with problems of meaning and purpose in life. He has a particular interest in cultural differences, and the misunderstandings and difficulties that can sometimes arise from this.

He started out as a community mental health support worker in London in 2000, working with clients with severe and enduring issues such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic depression. His experiences led him to work with clients from many different nationalities and backgrounds, including refugees, victims of torture, and those with alcohol and substance abuse problems. This work left a deep impression upon him, and he retains an active interest in community mental health provision in Vietnam.

Janak provides person-centred counselling, focussing on understanding the client’s personal experiences and how they relate to the world. His approach is a collaboration with the client that aims to support them in finding the change, growth or purpose they seek. He creates a safe and confidential therapeutic environment, which allows for this kind of personal exploration.

Contact: Email: janakvadgama@gmail.com    Phone: 093 454 9847


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