How to Avoid Rape

How to avoid Rape:

● Stay alert on buses, noticing what’s happening around you.

● Don’t walk or jog alone on dark streets. If possible, use a busy and well-lighted street.

● Don’t accept rides from strangers, especially ones that change their direction to give you a lift.

● Walk near the curb if possible.

● Avoid high crime areas of town or any situation which may make you vulnerable.

● Have your keys ready when you approach your home and enter immediately.

● Carry a whistle, other noisemakers, or a flashlight. Rapists hate loud noises or anything that attracts attention.

● If you are followed, change direction and head for businesses that are open, theaters, restaurants, stores, etc.

● Carry your purse snugly under your arm to make it more difficult for anyone to grab.

● If you are going to carry a “weapon” such as car keys, an umbrella, books or similar items, have them in your hand ready to use. Be SURE you know how to use it, and keep it available. Keep in mind that a WEAPON CAN BE TAKEN AWAY AND USED AGAINST YOU.

● Be cautious and alert when entering elevators, hallways, stairways, and rooms where someone may be lurking.

● Stand near the control panel when in an elevator. You can then ring the alarm or stop the elevator at any time if necessary.

● Learn to be observant so that you will be able to describe a criminal should you witness or be a victim of a crime.

● Don’t be afraid to be afraid, trust your senses. If a situation makes you feel uncomfortable, it may be dangerous, so take action to remove yourself from the situation. Learn to be aware of the people around you and their actions so you don’t become vulnerable to an attack. You have the right to be rude. You have the right to complain and possibly hurt someone’s feelings if you suspect they may be trying to take advantage of you. Don’t let unscrupulous people prey on your desire to remain polite – and teach your children about their “right to be rude”, too. If a sexual assault is imminent

● you have no choice but to confront your assailant.

● You may fight or submit. Remember that this decision must be based on your safety and opportunities. No one else can make this decision for you.

● If your choice is to submit, do so without guilt, knowing that you may be saving your life. The crime will still be rape, and your attacker is still just as guilty of a crime as he would be if you fought back.

● If you decide to fight, FIGHT TO HURT, and do so without any feelings of guilt or hesitation. Overcome your natural reluctance to hurt someone.

● FLEE If you know, or even suspect, that you are about to be assaulted, flee if you can! If you can flee, do so at the earliest possible moment. If there are people within hearing distance, scream and make as much noise as possible to discourage your attacker from pursuing you.

● Be prepared physically and mentally for a possible attack. If possible, take a self-defense class and keep in shape by continually practicing it.

● Think about what alternatives are open to you in a rape situation. Practice dealing with these situations by putting yourself into roles that you see on television read in newspapers or magazines. For example, “What would I do if that were happening to me?” When walking or driving use the same method to train your mind to think fast when the situation actually arrives.

● If you are actually raped, there are still things you can do to help yourself. – Try to keep a “cool head”. – Notice everything you can about the rapist; his speech, hair, clothes, any scars, the direction he takes when leaving, etc. – Try to determine his height in comparison to yours or possibly a nearby door.

● If you are raped someplace other than your home, remember everything you can about the setting.

● Try to leave your fingerprints everywhere you can. Try to leave some small personal item such as a button, earring, lipstick – anything which can be traced to you.. – Preserve all physical evidence carefully. Do not bathe or wash any clothing, do not touch any object handled by your attacker or you may destroy valuable evidence.

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