Douglas Holwerda


After 12 years as a teacher Douglas gained a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and has worked as a psychotherapist since 1996. His early experience was with issues of abuse and trauma, specifically, adults who had experienced childhood sexual abuse. In Vietnam Douglas sees clients who are dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, anger, issues related to cultural displacement, midlife, as well as existential questions of meaning and purpose. Ultimately, therapy is a process that brings about self discovery and acceptance.

In the first session with Douglas a client will be asked, “what brings you here?” and “what is the change you are after?” As the therapist he will listen… to understand…both the story of the client and the ways in which it might connect to what we know about mental health concerns, i.e. anxiety. While every person’s story is unique, Douglas has learned, in his 20 years of working, those things that are common to the human experience. He can recognize coping strategies and ways that we come to function that might lead us to feel unhappy or off balance in our lives. Douglas knows that in a safe and confidential environment people can look more deeply into themselves, and, with support, face painful truths that tend to be avoided. He has seen the quality of life improve in many clients he has worked with over the years and a new-found freedom to live life more fully.

Douglas also writes a monthly column for the Word magazine that addresses common problems that come up in therapy.

Contact Douglas at or through Family Medical Practice at 0243 843 0748.

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